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The Empath Quiz

Quiz: Are you an Empath?

01 Have I always felt different, and like I don’t fit in?

02 Have I been told that I’m too sensitive, introverted or shy?

03 Do I get tired when I’m crowds,  and require alone time to get my energy back?

04 Do I prefer one-to-one interactions?

05 Do I feel most peaceful when I’m in nature and around water?

06 Do I feel drained after being with non-stop talkers?

07 Am I highly creative?

08 Do I socially isolate?

09 Do I feel anxious and overwhelmed often?

10 Do I startle easily?

11 Do I have trouble tolerating  caffeine or alcohol?

12 Do I tend to take on others emotions and stress?

13 Do I feel better when I can take my car to a function in case I need to leave early?

14 Do I get overwhelmed when multi-tasking?

15 Do I often put others needs above my own, and then feel burnt out?

16 Do I feel unwell when around arguments and yelling?

17 Is it hard for me to watch the news/violent movies?

18 Do I prefer deep conversations over small talk?

19 Do I often feel physically and emotionally exhausted even after a good nights sleep?

20 Does helping people, and being of service bring me joy?

To calculate your results:

If you answered yes to 1-5 questions means you have some empath traits.

If you answered yes to 6-10 questions means you have moderate empath qualities. 

If you answered yes to 11-15 questions means you have many strong empath qualities.

If you answered yes to more than 15 questions means you are absolutely, and fully an empath. 

Is your child an Empath?

01 Does your child have a few good friends rather than a big group of friends?

02 Do they get overwhelmed when they have too many activities planned in a day?

03 Do they easily take on another’s emotions? 

04 Have they told you they feel different, and like they don’t fit in?

05 Do they have a strong connection to nature and animals?

06 Do they often feel anxious?

07 Do they feel overwhelmed at big social events?

08 Do they have a deep connection with animals and nature?

09 Do they like to spend a lot of time alone?

10 Do they enjoy being creative?

11 Do they have strong reactions when watching sad or violent shows?

12 Do they feel angry or grumpy if they don’t have enough downtime?

13 Do they have a deep imagination?

To calculate your child’s results:

If you answered yes to 10-13 questions they have very strong empath qualities.

If you answered yes to 7-9 questions they have some strong empath qualities.

If you answered yes to 1-3 questions they have a few of the empath qualities.

Did you answer yes to 15 or more of the questions?

This is a very high score, and indicates you are a full on beautiful deep feeling empath. It’s important for you to learn how to not take on other peoples energy as your own. You also may have the tendency to reflect or mirror someone’s energy. An example could be if you have been feeling very upbeat and happy, and are around a friend who’s feeling sad, you bring your mood down to match theirs. This means that it’s important for you to set strong boundaries in order for you to not take on others emotions. The toolbox on this website is a wonderful resource, and full of strategies and self care practices to help learn how to protect your energy, and thrive as an empath. If you answered yes to less than 15 of the questions, you may have some empath tendencies, and could always benefit as well from the resources provided in the toolbox.

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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

-Oscar Wilde

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